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Thailand is known with its heritage, many temples, martial arts, beautiful beaches, nightlife, and delicious food. The capital city Bangkok, Chang Mai and Phuket are the most visited cities in the country.

Bangkok is the most crowded city and city of contrasts with action at every turn. The town inspires marvel at the gleaming temples, floating markets, and famous taxis call Tuk Tuk. The food especially a highlight of the culture, from local dishes to humble street stalls, from fine-dining restaurant to romantic rooftop dining. Shopping in Bangkok is a visitor’s favorite because you can treat yourself without overspending.

Phuket, surrounded by the Andaman Sea, is among the world’s most beautiful beaches with pure white sands, aquamarine waters, lively towns, palm trees, and much more. The Phi Phi island is a tropical paradise reachable by speedboat, and Mystical Phang Nga Bay is another lovely trip to admire the rock formations towering vertically out of the sea during a visit to Phuket.

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